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July 13, 2018 It List

This week we have some creative takes on how literacy leaders can assess the quality of their work and that of the teachers they serve. If you'd prefer to read the newsletter online, click here.

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Student Centered and Teacher Driven: Coaching and Instructional Assessment

David Pittman tackles the "third rail" of literacy coaching: assessing instructional quality.

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Auditing Your Literacy Leadership: Introduction

Jennifer Schwanke begins a new summer series on doing a self-audit of your literacy leadership and your school's needs. This is a great tool for reflection and planning for the new school year. In this introduction, Jen explains why this auditing and reflection is essential work.

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Fail to Learn

Which grade level would you least like to teach? Matt Renwick explains why you need to confront your fears and do a demonstration lesson with those students. In Matt's case, the lesson involved entering the wonderful world of kindergarten.

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The Surprising Power of Questions

What's an essential skill you can work on easily this summer in almost any context? Alison Wood Brooks and Leslie K. John would argue it's questioning, and no other skill can pay higher dividends for a literacy leader.

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Risks may make you win, or they will make you learn. Either of the benefits is worth daring for.

                                                       Israelmore Ayivor

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