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October 13, 2017 It List

This week we look at infusing literacy throughout the whole school. If you'd prefer to read the newsletter online, click here.

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It's the Little Things: Small Actions for Building a Healthy Literacy Culture

Matt Renwick explains how everything from symbols to basic cleanliness in schools affects the climate for literacy.

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Reading Invasion

Brian Sepe explains how a "reading invasion" (an outdoor schoolwide event) is a simple, fun, and powerful way to promote a reading community.

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Coaching Minute: Punctuality (VIDEO)

Heather Rader explains why starting professional development on time is crucial for the learning climate in this quick video tip.

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Wordless Videos to Teach Problem Solving

If you're looking for short videos for professional development sessions, there are many fun takes here to foster discussions on problem solving and grit.

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Being a good leader isn't about having power over others, but instilling power in others.

                                                         Jessica Bohn

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